About HPD Cambridge, Inc.

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Professional Services

Professional Services
HPD works closely with the client to develop a rare relationship. We teach them our business! HPD forms an association which lasts from he beginning of the project to 6 months after it is open; we literally work ourselves out of a job. HPD provides "one-stop services" for all client needs. We offer our clients the following professional services:

Market Assessment, Market Study and Demographic Analysis
HPD Research specializes in providing practical straightforward market assessments, market studies, focus groups and attitudes surveys which will guide the client. Market assessments and market studies will provide data and information on local competition, housing market and house values, neighborhood services and businesses, local economy, and help to identify potential markets for urban senior housing development. Demographic research provides a strong foundation for identifying geographic concentrations of qualified senior prospects. HPD's unique research background provides each project a strong position in the selected community.

Innovative and Practical Design Concepts
HPD's Planning and Design division has an extensive resume of national and international experiences. HPD's mixed-use model for senior housing creates a building style which is like no other.
Design concepts reflect needs unique to seniors. Each project complements local architecture and the neighborhood. As a service to its clients HPD also provides interior design services, land and campus planning

Development Services
HPD brings the experience of owner, designer and developer to every project. Hands on experience includes: strategic planning, written project definitions, financial modeling and feasibility, site search, property owner identification, land acquisition or leasing, land development and redevelopment zoning approvals, project progress reports, assistance with financing, developing and assisting in the marketing and sales program, assistance in local architect selection, and assistance in general contractor selection. Our many years of experience provide clients and partners with the tools they need to be successful.

Marketing and Project Management
HPD assists in all facets of project management through a proven methodology. HPD's longstanding knowledge and experience with marketing senior housing increases local visibility through direct mail and ongoing consultation. HPD's comprehensive marketing programs include the following: identification of marketing director, creation and implementation of training program and training materials, development and monitoring of marketing program, copyrighting, direct mail management, development of graphics and marketing materials, development of operations procedures and manuals. HPD's role is to take the project from its inception to 6-12 months into occupancy and operations.